• Jim Hoggatt

Crow attacks against Eagles

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

It has been said that the only bird that will attack an eagle is a crow. Although, according to Kevin McGowan, a biologist who specializes in crow behavior at the Cornell lab of Ornithology (, "as the largest birds of prey, eagles are harassed nonstop by birds of all species." The smaller nuisance bird (e.g. a crow) sits on the back of the mighty predator and pecks at its neck. The eagle does not respond, nor waste time and energy fighting the crow. It simply spreads its wings and flies to high that the crow struggles to breathe and gives up.

As many of you have experienced, there will always be haters, critics and others who try to distract you from doing what you know is right, and from accomplishing your goals. If you choose to hate or bite back, you are letting them have control over your life. If you choose to forgive and move on, that allows you to better focus on moving to new heights.

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